Tuesday 5 February 2013

Random Slaves to Darkness as Chaos intended.

OK I'll bite Orlygg, I'll design a warband for this summer but I'll leave it entirely to the whim of Chaos. I lie, you're doing Khorne so my  warband will be Slaanesh.

No I'm sitting at lunch at work so although I have access to SoD I don't have my dice but I do have a dice roller on line. It has options for d100's but not d1000's. So I'll roll up a bunch, say 40 d100s and if a d100 is needed I'll use the very next result, if a d1000 is needed I'll nick the first digit from the next d100 and bin the rest or use it as the first digit of a subsequent d1000 if needed next.

Here is what I rolled:

Starting character:
Race is 47 so human.
Profile is 99! so level 20 wizard.  Awesome, I'll try not to gloat, what the gods give they can take away on the next die roll.

Dedicating myself to Slaanesh I now take a +1 to WP as my gift. That level 20 is pretty powerful and I'm going the totally random route, I'll forgo the extra gift that orlygg suggests.

I also need a mutation so the next roll is a d1000, that's 438 from my table of dice rolls  adding the 8 from the 82 onto the end of the 43.  GM's choice...the temptation is there to abuse this and call myself the GM, equally I could throw it out to the oldhammer community but I want to know now! OK I'll take the next number That 2 from the 82 goes to the front of the 95 to give 295. Crossbreed, I need a d6 and a d12 now!  Back to the roller:

So we have a 5 followed by a 12, that makes my sorcerer half vampire. Awesome. There are five levels of vampire so either I randomize the level or decide to put the coolers on this rapidly over heating champion and just make him a level 5 vampire half breed.

I now need to combine his stats, add them together and divide by two rounding down to the nearest whole number or 0.5. Those 0.5s of a point are important as other rewards can add or remove 0.5 which can make a whole number. Until such a time the stats with a 0.5 in them are treated as rounded down to the nearest whole number. With Ld onwards the value can have a positive modifier, I've averaged that out too but always rounded down.

So  M4 WS5.5 BS5 S5 T5 W4 I5.5 A2.5 Ld 8+1 Cl 9+1 Int 8+1 WP 9+1

Magic level 2

So I've gained in my physical stats but dropped a little in my mental stats and lost a magic level. Overall neutral perhaps. Now I should roll to see how the half breed looks but vampires and wizards look close enough, I'll just sort of work it out later.

Now for my retinue, here I'll follow Orlygg's suggestion because otherwise if I rolled say a d4 for rolls on the follower table I could end up with a very powerful warband. So 43 gives me d6 dark elves (appropriate) and 94 gives me a wizard, hell yes, an apprentice. Now I just need 2 more d6s.

To give me six dark elves and a level 10 wizard apprentice.

So I have a sorcerer half vampire, with an apprentice and a body guard of six dark elves. I'm a bit lacking in troops here so I predict much summoning in my future, undead (well he is half vampire) and daemons!

He shall be called Dragan Dhampir, a murderous, "noble", from the boarder princes who found himself seeking ever darker secrets in a sensual lust for power over life itself. He's got his wish so far...


  1. Awesome! thats great fun and sounds like a great character.

    What figure would you use to represent him?


  2. I recommend using the random number generator website: http://www.random.org/

  3. I have some thoughts on a figure blue, with two of them in the collection I am thinking a Darumogt lizard priest would look good what with the bone armour and all.


    Both mine are missing the wand so I don't mind converting should the need ever arise.

    Actually the lack of obvious mutations somewhat limits how well I can go to town on this war band.