Thursday 7 February 2013

Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness mustering the Warband.

So now my mighty warriors and warlocks have answered the call its time to fish them out of the Northern Wastes I call my garage and my wife calls my man cave. It’s actually quite organised at the moment, if you can see a box it’s got miniatures or plastic kits in it. A few experimental rummages brought up the correct boxes.

Fishing around in one of the Chaos shoe boxes of waiting brought out the following two miscreants.

The dark elves were a harder prospect. Not for lack of choice, quite the opposite. I wanted to go old citadel over marauder so that ruled out some lovely sculpts from my collection. Being just that little bit bigger in size I thought the marauder sculpts would sit poorly with the slighter wizards I’d just fished out. Also I’d be a fool to take shields over crossbows for this unit, so that ruled out the otherwise perfect Manflayers unit. I’m not grinding the shield bosses off these lovely old sculpts. This really only left the warhammer regiments dark elves whose shields are easily left off in construction. But this is RoC the miniatures shouldn’t be carbon copies of each other if I could help it. I did have some warriors without shields in great dynamic poses. In my head  I have yet to assign these into a future unit in my dark elf army, so far so perfect. Unfortunately the best of these have no crossbow either. A flash of inspiration later and I began my quest for the hidden figures and enough warhammer regiments crossbows to strap on their backs.

Another box and another rummage (oo-er misses) and the following recruits were dug up.


I’ll fish out some skellies to summon at a later date.


  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say I don't really care about your warband - lets look at that man-cave again!

    I just used that picture to explain to my wife why she doesn't, in fact, have a problem at all - just look what it could be like!

  2. Hey I'm not here to be some collecting bogeyman to scare your wives with! But if it makes you look good explain there is a cellar full too. The rest of the house doesn't look like some horder horrer house off the TV honest.

    It is cool to know whatever I roll up I should have something to use in the lead mountain.

  3. I luckily have a garage and a study (study? Man-cave) but no cellar, I have had to secrete many of the symptoms of my addiction in the attic which groans under the weight. My family are like those folk who live on the slopes of a volcano, they have no idea of the danger they're in...

  4. P.S. We do care about your warband.