Wednesday 11 July 2012

Oldhammer Contact.

No I don’t think so, a nascent community at best. Currently we compare each others PJs on old lead, show off our old lead, get nostalgic about old games and ways of playing and play a very few old games.
I truly don’t think that makes us a movement and certainly not unique in the world of old warhammer. That doesn’t mean movement towards a movmentdom is without merit or beyond happening.  

A movement almost literally by definition requires momentum. Something needs to be happening preferably a target or two to aim towards. So here is a vague list of things I’ve been considering for a while:

1)       A meeting, to be called obviously Oldhammer Contact. Arranging a hall for a day and a time is no problem at all but with so few of us, spaced far apart, sometimes really far apart and mainly all being dads of young kids who would come? A pipe dream perhaps but laudable.

2)       A Fanzine, but I hear you type, “that’s what our blogs are for no?”  Well, no, imagine a couple of sides of A4 with say a scenario, painting tips, collecting tips, clarification or even reinterpretations of rules and a few illustrations from our own fair hands, I know I could knock one or two out (boom, boom). Now imagine it printed off and sitting with your rule collection all B&W and amateur. Something new something created, momentum.

3)       A competition. This one is very doable I have my own plans on this and it may even be backed up by something interesting from my own lead swaps pile as a prize. Watch this space….

4)       Miniatures, White knight has done it, Clam has done it. Obviously these minis are for their own use but what is to stop any one of us doing the same with that long coveted but missing from the back catalog item.  Mmmmm Jess like wood-elf falconers.

5)       Evangelism, spread the word. Not sure this is the best idea, too much old school competition for lead as it is.


  1. It's very exciting when someone comes out with new iterations of old school ranges. Dave King's Dwerg would certainly be another example. Clam's chaos dwarf range is very reminiscent of the old MM90 Marauder series. I managed to snag a set of Clam's Ewal Dvergar (joy), and I'd love to see more new releases based on our preferred era of miniatures.

  2. Good post with lots of interesting ideas, my intention was to get bloggers talking and this has happened.

    I like the sound of producing scenarios, play testing them and publishing them online. With the beauty of websites like scribd these things can be published quickly and easily. The same goes for rules for extra units to fit in with Warhammer Armies or Realm of Chaos. A new chaos power perhaps? The tool kit is there in Lost and the Damned after all.

    I also really like the idea of a painting competition. Something low key to start with with bragging rights or a suitable prize to the winner.

    Hmmm... That get's me thinking!

  3. A few concerns that I have about "Oldhammer":

    a) I too enjoy & still think the 3rd edition is one of the most creative & expansive fantasy war-game systems; however, the movement needs to be more than a trip down memory lane. (Otherwise only those of us who played with 3rd edition will get anything out of the movement. How can we get others to express interest in "Oldhammer"?)

    b) Can the players pull together around the basic tenants of the "Oldhammer Contract"?

    c) Narrative style war-gaming has been long removed from much of the public gaming culture. Perhaps card & video games have made our hobby the buggy-whips in the age of the motor-coach. How do we as players sell our hobby as different and better than quick play card games or the latest video game? ( I feel this is important; as we do not want to appear as lead-addicted-grognards who are lost in time. )

    d) (This my angle - so take this with a grain of salt.) I feel the game has such a strong visual component that more pictures need to be published along with curious stories that develop out of these games. ( After browsing Warhammer for Adults, I found Gaj's battle reports and stories to be great but the links to - have inspired me to think that all of us can better expand upon the unique fusion of word & photo that only table top war-gaming can generate. Great work Gaj & Chris!)

    1. thestarforge wrote:
      How can we get others to express interest in "Oldhammer"?

      An introductory scenario with two very basic (and small) forces would help me a great deal to get started. A melee unit, a ranged unit and a character or two. Couple that with a reference sheet with all the basic rules and I'd be able to get a game up in no-time. Call it "Oldhammer for dummies" or whatnot. I never played 3rd (but contemporary editions of Blood Bowl) but really want to put my rules to use. =)

  4. Lots of food for thought there -

    Meeting - count me in by hook or by crook! Best start earning some brownie points to trade in for a weekend pass...

    Fanzine - sounds like fun. What do folks think would be manageable - emailing contributions in each month to some noble soul who would print and distribute it, or having a different writer each month who produced it in its entirety?

    Painting competition (or otherwise - creative/scenario writing?) would be easy enough to kick off - just hope I'd have something sufficiently enticing to add to the prize pot - bit of a hoarder you see! I seem to remember various shield and banner design comps in old WD's as well, which might be fun.

    Own miniature range - one can dream - I'd have to kick the ebay habit for a while to build up funds. Half Orc Bushwackers would be nice though...

    Spread the word - why not - just reccomend Otherworld, Redbox Games, Bederken Miniatures and others instead of old lead on ebay ;)

    New Chaos Power sounds good - as would sharing background for Orc tribes, Wood Elf communities, mercenary Old World forces, etc.

    Thestarforge makes some great points too. I played through the Orc's Drift scenario with a bunch of kids from my Explorer unit. All of them were first time gamers and although they haven't run off to plunder ebay I still get requests for other gaming weekends. It was the inter-connectedness and narrative element they really got a kick out of when they played.

    Which reminds me - must get on with that report!

  5. its a start!

    I would definately be up for a meet, maybe a few old school games ;o)

    Fanzine sounds good, i'm sure we could get enough cool stuff together between us.

  6. Fanzine sounds like a great idea - print and/or PDF? I've just launched a new website/blog ( and I'd be happy to provide some server space if this helped with any of the above.