Wednesday 25 July 2012

Meet Venomous Vernon

Why Vern? I hear you cry. Do you really need me to tell you? Any way here he is being ridden by his master Hagedis Leatherwing, Wyvern master and Stuntie crumper, trusted Lieutenant of Ashcan the Great. Before joining the horde most reports placed him in the northern mountains feasting with his mount on Dwarven sheep and Dwarven flesh.

We see him here making several attempts to land Vern in the rocky landscape of the northern passes. No doubt on some scouting mission during the hordes descent to the low lands, known as Ashcans great passage. Hagedis was always the leading thrust in Ashcans great passage.                





  1. Lovely I still need to add to my collection.

  2. A familiar face!

    Very nice indeed - good punning too ;)

  3. Why Vern indeed - very good. Your pun fu is strong!

  4. Ok...'why Vern'...finally it has clicked... :-)

    Very good!