Sunday 19 October 2014

Orctober: Orc warbands.

I'm still getting my warband rules bashed into shape but in the meantime I thought you would like to see two of the warbands I rolled up using the rules. In my next post I should have a battle report finished detailing a clash between these two starting warbands. All the names were generated on the orc random name generator I've put in the warband rules. I was one dice pip off rolling up a rather famous orc name but as it is the first warband belongs to the level 10 orc hero Harbash

Harbash and the Bash Boyz.

Harbash and the Bash Boyz.
 Harbash is a level 10 hero with light armour and a shield. In addition to this equipment he rolled up some magic gubbins and ended up with the Bloody entrails of flatulence. These bloody troll guts have enough regenerative power to still be able to digest food and to not rot away. If fed vast quantities of mashed up Gruntrooms the guts fill with a magical wind. Once per battle the owner may automatically cast windblast lasting d3 turns.

Harbash has divided his  boyz into two units. By sacrificing one of the boyz he rolled up Harbash has got a standard bearer for the boyz armed with shields, light armour and hand weapons.

Harbash's other boyz are armed with bows and Light armour.

The second warlord is Sodgit a level 10 goblin wizard.

 Here he is with the thieving gitz his goblin warband.

 The thieving Gitz are joined by a level 5 orc hero name of Slagnark. What crime this champion committed to pledge his admittedly worthless oath to a goblin? His unit is armed with shields and spears. By removing one goblin the unit gains a standard.

The remaining eight Goblins have short bows and usually deploy in skirmish formation.

So who do you think has the better warband Harbash or Sodgit and who is likely to win the first clash?


  1. I think the Gobbos may just edge it, they have spears, more bows and magic but I wouldn't think there's a lot in it.

  2. Replies
    1. I would if the bows do the fighting...................................

  3. I'm looking forward to both the battle report and the warband rules.

    Nice backdrops on the photos, btw.