Friday 10 October 2014

Orctober: Orc warbands rules, Magic Gubbins needed.

I'm getting the rules I put together for Orc warbands ready to download. I've played a few games with Warbands I've rolled up and I'm confident that they work well together and in conjunction with RoC warbands. However one thing I never really finished was the magic gubbins table. Orcs as a rule don't advance by gaining mutations like chaos warriors  but by growing in skill and strength. There is only so far yo can go with this so I've added tables for new units, tributes from conquered tribes and if they are lucky they may even come across a magic item in the badlands.

I've filled the table in with the obvious +1 to S sort of magic items and those covered by the BOB but I would like a nice large and varied table. So I'm asking for ideas, they shouldn't be overly powerful or obvious rewrites of 4th ed onwards magic items.

Things the replicate 3rd ed spell effects as a one shot or clearly work within 3rd ed rules is what I'm looking for not special rules.  Please do post any ideas bellow, if you'd like to see them used in the finished table that is.


  1. A once per battle Horn of rallying would be great for orcs/gobbos and wouldn't be overpowered: just the rally spell cast once automatically.
    I think a one time use item that negated any one failed animosity test would be fitting as well: only to be used once a test is failed before results are calculated.

    1. Good ideas but give us some names for them!

  2. Gorks Ballbreaker; Flail +2 Str on charge , wounding hit causes Leg Breaker Spell.
    Ignogs Spiked Collar; Allows for 1 tamed monster upto a value of 25points from WA to join the Warband.

  3. What about Shagrat's Shiny Shirt that gives the same benefits as Mithril!

    Da Mad Cap which makes you frenzied.

    Ruglud's Tight Tin Can 'Elmet giving +1 to save

    Da Girlie Bow shots arrows with the Arcane Bodkin bonus.

    Snot Pouch allows the owner to pull Snotling Bases out on a d6 roll of an X.

    Grunta's Flatulent Boar allowing the rider to cast a wind blast once per battle that will last 1 turn.

    Pogo's Jumpin' Stick owner can cast flight once per battle.

    Da Glitery Crown acts like a Relic Banner.

    Boomstick is a hand gun.

    Little Boomstick is a pistol.