Monday 10 February 2014

Show us your boxed sets: Rogue Trader Box sets.

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a Citadel boxed set. I love getting miniatures in the original boxes though I'm happy to take them out and paint them.  I haven't gone as far as to buy an empty box but would consider it for a set of miniatures I already had without box. Somehow the boxes are as evocative of the earlier periods of Games Workshop as the miniatures and I love them. Indeed I've posted on my collection of printed card encased miniatures before.

Here and here.

Since then my collection has grown and I have decided I really ought to do another post and here I concentrate on early 40K, that's Rogue Trader to you and me. A number of these I haven't seen photographed anywhere yet.

So here is the RT only pile, not complete by any margin but on the way. Only the Imperial Guard are original from my youth, bought about 1990 I guess.

Now a closer look:

I believe these go for a fair bit these days, particularly if like me your box contains the kit:

This was bought some time ago with the intention to make it up but maybe it does well as an artifact, not many kits left on the sprue like this anymore. Certainly not with the original decals. I probably have enough old land raiders.

Next is the Rhino, this is my newest box and sadly the Rhino is made up but did come with yet another predator, landspeeder and rapier which had so far been missing from my collection.

I'll finish the vehicles first before moving on to the figures. The Battle wagon is currently an empty box, the kit was present but is being made up at the moment, unlike the land raider it was already half constructed.
There are a few shots of the front of the box out there.

Not sure I know any of the back. the text should be readable if you click on the image.

More orks then I've had a few sets of these raiders for years but maybe six months ago I finally picked up a set in their box for a price I thought fair (probably less than they originally cost). Again we know the front.

But what about the back? The only set to have a story like the Fantasy Regiments of Renown. However you'll notice this set is marked as a regiment of renown. Again clicking on the picture should make it readable.

Speaking of Regiments of Renown the Harlequins are labeled  as such.

But don't actually have a story.

I think my favorite set has still got to be the beaky marines. The box just has the right blend of reflective 80s writing, technical style drawings, model pictures, colours and of course iconic painting. This is 40K bliss.

Again I'm not sure there are any pictures of the rear of the box out there.

And this side art I don't think I have seen anywhere but on the box.

So that's RT for you. Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see. In a later post soon I'll take you through my more recently acquired 2nd/3rd ed fantasy boxsets.  If there is any interest I could also do several posts on my 90's 4th ed fantasy and 2nd ed 40K boxed sets,  that would take a great many posts but they are becoming older and rarer.


  1. What a fantastic collection! You should open a museum!! Like you, I keep complete sprues in storage as I suspect that in a few years time we will be able to effectively copy them! Only for personal use of course!

  2. I'm not sure about copying them, fr the moment at least I think it is cheaper just to get on ebay but one still on its sprue is something special by itself.

  3. Very impressive brother dearest, I really need to get back on the hobby trail, been distracted by the move for long enough!

  4. Do you know if there's a collectors market for these items? I habe a Box with 3 unassembled Rogue Trader Rhinos for Sale. If anybody is interested, contact me under

    1. There is, why not join the oldhammer forum, post up some pictures and see what interest you get.

  5. Twenty year's later I still find bright red Astartes vehicles weird. Codex Grey for teh win!