Monday, 4 November 2013


Ashcan lifted the puny human up by the neck and looked him in the eye,"wot appened ummi?"
"What can I say", choked Erny,"once more life got in the way."

So what can I say guys after some truly marvelous posts of Orctober I managed to get posted about 10% of what I hoped. Life once more got in the way, I had two deadlines at work brought forward by a couple of months, a troublesome mini Erny waking up in the wee hours and a holiday cottage that proved to have less useful broadband than expected.

Still Orcs are ones to invade and break the rules so I hope (fingers crossed) to post much of what I had hoped in the now more clumsily named Orctober over spill Norctober (haha he said Norc). I'll put together the names for the fantasy regiments orcs and pick a winner soon and still haven't given up on posting a competition for another set of perhaps more wanted orcs in the future.

Normal service (whatever that is) to resume soon.


  1. Damn life ! always getting in the way of real things! Hope you don't get too many complaints from people doing Norsember...

  2. We tried carrying the (Ash)can for yer Bruv!

  3. As long as it's before Dorcember. ;-)

  4. I think I definatly fall into Dorcktober on this one. I'll post the winner of the minis up soon promise just have to find time to put everyone in a hat and draw a name.