Thursday, 14 November 2013

Back to them Orcs.

OK so a while ago I challenged people to post something Orcy in Orctober with the promise of miniatures for the first name out of the hat. I must say, particularly given how few posts I managed, the response was great for a first crack at this idea.

We had a scenario from WP. Lots of fun with a special troll.

An interesting look at 1:72 orcs with Sean. Who knew, still looking to see more.

My brother gave us a great special character, unit and general look at his collection

An ace bit of orcy dadhammer from Kasper and Sons.  Would love to see what your guys make of the orcs, name from hat permitting.

A trip through orcs in 80's pop culture (or maybe that's geek culture) from Thantsants.

Some Black Mountain boys looking wonderful and menacing from Phreed.

Painting by Zhu.
A painting no less and cool musings on more ancient culture and orcs from Zhu.

A bit of a review of mantic's orcs from Paradox0n.

Loki (Andrew) gave us some vibrant and awesomely painted new savage orcs.

A salvage job on an old machine of distruction from Kaleb.

Some modern boars and semi-vintage boyz were presented with nice paint tutorials from TWD.

Goff Orks looking hard as nails ( and literally saved from being shot) from asslessman.

Old school motivations for you're orcs presented by Paul.

Technically late but actually great Orc wimmin from Tartar Sauce. I think Dorra Skullcrusher may well be the Buxom Sawtooth female of Ashcans dreams.

Also a number of people posted over at LAF.

All names have been put in d20 random table and the dice gods were consulted. I'm pleased to say if he wants them Paul Brown has some Orcs coming to him. I'm going to need your address so if you PM me on the Oldhammer forum or on the LAF forum I can get them sent to you.


  1. Congrats on the winner !
    11 events yet to determine (10 if you consider Marsh id the fimir month...)

  2. Congrats to Paul. I'll have to look around as I think I missed some of the entries.

  3. I'm not worthy, but I'll gratefully accept the d20 roll :)

    PM will be forthcoming on the Oldhammer forum.

  4. I'll check the forum then.

    I was quite pleased with how much stuff got posted, particularly given how poor a fist I made of it myself. All the more reason to try again next year and make it the event I envisioned, not that I'm in anyway disappointed with this year.

  5. Hurrah for Paul ! Erny, I'm not surprised it took off, t'was a great idea, roll on next Orctober!

  6. Yep - great idea Erny and well done to Paul!

    What's next? Fey May - a celebration of all things Elven ; )

  7. That really is the problem of expanding the concept, no other race/month combination seams to work quite so well.

    I'll have to make sure I have a few posts in the bank ready to publish before hand next year. Still haven't forgotten the warband rules, just trying to get some illustrations done and I'm slow at this.