Saturday, 7 September 2013

Oldhammer weekend: Day 2.

OK just when you thought it was safe to go back into the interweb, Oldhammer day two hits you. What follows here are the shots from the Sunday the first set are general shots, the second are a few shots taken of Forenrond's Last Stand played out by Jeff and Snicket, I'll be producing one of my comic book style reports for this so I'll be holding back on a few photos.

Set 1 general shots:

Golden Gobbo.

This second set contains a few taster shots from Forenrond's Last stand.


  1. Cool shots Erny, I hope I get a chance to play Forenrond's last stand with you some day.

    1. We need to meet up before next year I think.

    2. For sure, I was kind of planning to gatecrash one of your local meetings and stay with my parents who live in Suffolk. Let me know if you have any other plans, you have my gmail address.

  2. Some great photos, thanks for sharing

  3. My blog holds a written account of the Forenrond's game but it's a bit wordy and lacks photos - boo! Erny's comic book version should be more fun but should you need any blank bits filled in dear brother then please feel free to refer to it.