Sunday, 1 September 2013

Oldhammer weekend, a big thanks to all!

Ashcan The Great poses for a photo on a local monument.
Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the Oldhamnmerers out there for making the weekend so awesome. I had several great games, saw some fantastic armies, met the Mighty Dark-Winged Avenging Lord of Chaos and heard some of his thoughts on toy soldiers and got to see some classic miniatures and scenery from the pages of White Dwarf. Not Bad.

Special thanks to Gaj for doing the lions share of organising our side of things and more importantly the Ansells for allowing this to happen and organising magnificent tables, displays, putting rare miniatures back into production ans supplying food.


  1. Hear hear! It was a legendary event because of the legendary people involved. Thanks go to you to Erny!

  2. so sorry to miss it but will make it to the next one

  3. It was an awesome weekend! My Skaven got a win under their belts and I pulled off a win for Madraks the Murderer - gobbo archers proving the old Skaven adage once again - everything counts in large amounts! The Foundry is an excellent venue and it's really nice to feel the amount of care that goes into preserving the history of our hobby. When's the next one, I still like the idea of Cringlehammer with a competition to paint a Father Christmas themed minature, ok maybe not that last part........................

  4. After a name change my paltry attempt is

    1. Make sure your bro adds the follower gadget Erny! Many of us have hit the limit of blogs we can follow with RSS!