Tuesday 11 September 2012

Show us yer piles! of (80's citadel boxed sets)

 The late 80's saw a large number of all lead and some few plastic boxed sets released by Games Workshop and Citadel. After reading this post on the BLOOD Forum, I thought it would be a nice idea to post up some pictures of my own boxed sets. They were the late 80's to me, or at least all I dreamt of (other than girls).

There used to be the occasional competition with the winner pictured in the midst of huge piles of boxed sets I always wanted to be that winner. Now I'm a little of the way there, this pile of boxed sets isn't all of them but all I could find on a spare morning at home.

Here is some close ups of one set in particular, the Skeleton army has some great pictures of other boxed sets on it's sides.

I'll post some more soon and looking at it I need better shots of the Skeleton army box, ipad sometimes doesn't cut it as a camera.


  1. "There used to be the occasional competition with the winner pictured in the midst of huge piles of boxed sets I always wanted to be that winner."

    I spent literally HOURS dreaming I was one of those winners when I was a kid!

  2. I too recall 'The Picture' of the kid standing in front of every item that GW sold in that competition.

    I too yearned for such a collection.

    I still do!

    Keep the pictures coming!

  3. Thanks for the pics of the Skeleton Army box - brings back happy memories of deciding which set I'd get next. The Battle Cars always intrigued me as I was mostly a fantasy fan back then.

    Didn't you say you were looking for a Skull Crusher or is that just the box there? Been tempted on occasion to buy empty boxes for the cool artwork alone I must admit!

  4. Nope couldn't buy an empty box, finally picked up a boxed bargain recently. I have the mangler somewhere with its box but blowed if I could find it.

  5. That's called showing off, which isn't very nice y'know.

  6. Glad to be of some inspiration. For me as a kid missed most of these boxed sets. However I was old enough when Fantasy Regiments came out. Oh man! That image on the front is what drew me to Warhammer and wargaming. Love the rest of the collection as well.

  7. Oh the boxed sets, myself and Erny spent many a year drooling over them and picking them up. My best find to date was the Guardians boxed set mint (still shrink wrapped). Not talking about the later versions, we're talking the yellow box with 20 lead ones in with seperate plastic arms!

  8. Great hairy bollocks of the GODS! I drool with jealousy. I hope I can score some loot like this at a local RPG/wargaming second hand sale this Sunday. I've seen great finds there in the past. They had skarlocks elven archers, prince ulthers imperial dwarves and Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos. All of them still in the box. I aim to actually buy at least one of them if they are still there this time.