Friday 14 September 2012


I love WHFB 3rd ed, I love obscure citadel miniatures from the 80’s, I love Giants. So imagine how cool it was to see this post by Thantsants. I’ve been trying to collect this blighter for ages, the closest I’d got was the right head and weapon but wrong body, so I was even more pleased to see Thantsants had a spare body of the type I needed. After a very agreeable trade I’ve been able to acquire the Citadel Fighting Fantasy 54mm Ogre body to go with the head and weapon I already owned to make the classic WHFB 3rd ed orange Giant.


Also as originally each of the FF 54mm miniatures came with a choice of head and weapon I still had enough parts to make the second even more orange giant, well almost the body and weapon are right the head wrong. It will have to do.


I’ve begun the clean up, I used to used heated pins to clean up mould lines on 20mm soft plastic figures and tried the same with these brutes. The pin was to little and I ended up heating a knife blade to do the job. I don’t think I’ll enter in to the great Giant race on the offing but will steadily work away at these two for some mega game in the hazy future.

For those interested in packaging my initial ogre came in a mint blister pack which I preserved as best I could!



  1. Glad he made it over to you safely - and, ahh look, he's got a new friend!

    Sounds like these two will be getting some TLC if you're taking your time over them - I look forward to the results.

  2. Very nice, Erny! You lucky guy! I'm excited to see them all painted up and in action.