Friday, 13 April 2012

Slaves to Darkness.

12, it's the magic number.
With the boss.
Daemonettes always say slaves to darkness to me more than any of the other miniatures in the whole late 80’s chaos range.  I picked these up in a grab bag from Luton GW in about ’91, got these, a Keeper of secrets, a few Slaaneshi champions 4 chaos dwarf swivel guns and some RT Chaos space marines all for about a tenner. It was almost the last bag and I can only assume it was considered old stock. Anyhow these were once painted very badly in coloured washes over white, then spent maybe the last six or seven years with bright Neon PJs (should I show pictures of these? No, no bad idea).
The back row.

The boss and his lady.
When my brother decided he wanted to play a few 4th ed games it seamed appropriate to use these lasses that he had fought so many times in that edition but give them a new PJ all the same. I decided in the end to go with muted pastels of Slaves to Darkness for this repaint but sticking to just one colour.

I also took the opportunity to  tart up the Keeper of Secrets and the witch.

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  1. Nice paints on those.
    Slaanesh is my favorite flavor of the 4 Chaos powers. It has that exotic opium-den ambiance to it. I've thought about adding a rule to our WFB 2/3 games for Boredom,similar to Instability, where the Slaanesh followers just get bored with fighting and wander off to have a big orgy instead.