Thursday 12 April 2012

The Enemy Within?

So here is a thought. I’m enjoying a really nice pbp game of LL over on the LL forum. My gaming group gets together so infrequently what with work and kids that online gaming is becoming a real alternative despite the long turn around times. You only have to look at the battle reports on Gaj’s site to see what is possible. So there we have it I’m playing AD&D quite happily on one site, other people are managing 3rd ed WHFB on a blog. I would really love to run through The Enemy Within again, it being some 10 years since last I did it. Now I think we can all see where this is going.

The Enemy Within, 1st ed. WHFR, using the classic pre-gen characters, run as paper and pen, a post every say 2 days so no great commitment, on a blog (not this one a specific EW campaign blog) to the true values of the Oldhammer contract. Any takers, even vaguely interested and I can see if this has legs?

I have a few of the characters in lead so you may even get some more painting out of me for decoration.


  1. I certainly would be very interested in this idea. I absolutely love first edition WHFRP and its been over 15 years since I last dabbled.

    Looking forward to seeing where this one goes!

  2. Oooh! I'd be up for that!
    I've only ever ogled the thing from afar... having never convinced anyone to let me run it.

  3. Nice to have you interested chaps. Hopefully a couple more and we can seriously consider this, though two is possible.

  4. I'd be happy to contribute. I started as a player in a play by post version of this that suddenly fell apart early when the GM disappeared. It'd be nice to have another go.


  5. I'm up for this so count me in. I read the campaign back in the mid 90s but that shouldn't matter as I can't really remember much about it!

    Never done pbp before though so might need some pointers on etiquette etc.

  6. Well four is more than enough. I've never GM'd a pbp before so I'll have to play it by ear.
    I'm off in the highlands at the moment away from my books but will see what I can sort out to start in a few weeks.


  7. Yeah, I've never played in a pbp either. I've opted in for a few but none of them ever gotten off the ground. I've played in some cool games on Google+ Hangouts though.