Wednesday 18 November 2015

Knovember Knights and Orctober Knews.

This Saturday Erny's place will be hosting one of  OGRE's occasional gaming get togethers. The plan is to play about with some Knights.  Based upon the Combat of the Thirty I need to get some dismounted Knights painted up sharpish. Left over from when they first came out and with a few collected later I have a good number of the Perry early 1990's mounted knights but very few of the foot knights. Never fear about ten years ago I got a tonne of Black Tree designs very nice Knights. Huge lead mountains have their advantages as I don't have to wait fro the post,man to call just get painting. Her are a few to paint up including a couple of citadels in the mix.

Just three evenings to sort these out now I've based and undercoated them. Included is one of the very nice mounted knights I mentioned earlier. Apparently we may be doing some jousting.

I suspect others will be bringing knights from other time periods but I do like the harness from the early part of the 100 years war and it would be about right for the Combat of the Thirty which is about the middle of the period. Hopefully we aren't being to historic and this is a warhammer version.

It does mean my Orcs for Orctober have yet to be finished so I intend to get things wrapped up for that by the weekend. If you plan to enter the prize draw make sure you have a post up by then!

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  1. I will say, your knights looked considerably more colourful than they appear in this blog post!

    Still buzzing from earlier. A really fun evening, and wonderful hosting.