Saturday 8 March 2014

The Oldhammer Chaos warband challenge. Raiding the lead pile.

 I have entered into the Oldhammer chaos warband Challenge issued by tp_1983 on the Olodhammer forum:

We all rolled up random warbands and then put them all in the pot each getting someone else's warband to collect convert and paint in just over one month.

I put some restrictions on my challenge.

All miniatures are to be pre-1991. All miniatures are to come from my existing collection, no extra purchases, swaps or trades.

I have ended up with the following Warband:

Warband 9 - Erny
Chaos dwarf level 5 hero with bestial face (goat) and weapon master (WS 10). Follower of Khorne. Has chaos armour and a magic weapon with flight capability.

- 3 humans
- 5 giant wolves
- 4 chaos dwarfs
- 2 chaos goblins

This is a pretty nice warband though the conversion work isn't going to be too great with only a goat head to add to the champion. Game wise it is perhaps a little weak but not terribly so. Three of my follower units have the option to take missile weapons and I'm going to take everything they can, there are some level 15s out there after all..

On to the lead pile to put the warband together.....

Once more into the man cave. It may not look it but it is organised honest.
On top of the Freezer, a stack of three boxes of Chaos Dwarfs.

This is the box we need.

Four CD crossbows  and a little chap begging for a goat head and magic sword.

On the oposite side the the Chaos Dwarves I have a few boxes of more, "ordinary", chaos.

Another box of goodies..
I know I have more Thug archers but this was all I could find. Lucky I only need three.
This chap is needed only for his head.

That's right, it's on the bottom.

Loads a goblins..

Some nice old citadel wolves.

Two goblin Archers, one has been badly converted and will be repaired.

The full warband.


  1. Look forward to seeing what you do with these and ya leadcave is rather impressive.

  2. Tidy little war band that - I reckon the Dice Gods could have stretched your substantial resources in the form of more random elements and mutations though! ; )

  3. I was dreading getting something I only had one of and it needing extensive mutations. As it turned out it was a little easy finding all the bits, e erything was exactly where I expected it to be too proving how organised the collection is. Well sort of.

  4. I'll fight ya with my lads, who should be finished around the same time!

    1. I look forward to it, you'll have to come down to the club then.

  5. I rolled that one for you. Good luck with it!

  6. Cheers, I think it is going to look pretty good. I like that I'm having to use miniatures that would otherwise languish in various boxes for another ten years.

  7. Yep, that mancave. I know that feeling. I've been unboxing and de-sprueing miniatures for months to try and make storage a little easier at home. I just keep finding stuff and going "woah... I forgot I had this!".

    And look, what looks like yet another awesome warband in the works. I can't get around my blog feed without nice looking warbands popping up.

    My resolve is starting to fail. I really want to create a warband but I have so many things that I've started that really need to be finished first :(

    I just wanted to pop by and tell you that I've nominated your blog for the Liebster award over at my blog: Meandering Shade. It's completely up to you whether you want to do it too, just wanted to show a bit of blog appreciation.

    1. Only just got back to my blog after holidays. Thanks for the mention, love the blog by the way lots of nice things going on just need to get my hobby mojo up and running again now.