Tuesday 9 April 2013

Some Oldhammer greenskins and a plan.

Back to Oldhammer now some nice Orc crossbows from 3rd edition Warhammer. Generally I don't do WIP shots of minis, my finished results are ropy enough without foisting my unfinished splatterings on people. But making commitments on projects does seam to help them get done so in a month I will present whatever state the following orcs are in as done to you all. The black undercoat obscured the details of these great miniatures so I've played with the brightness and contrast to bring the detail out.

I also hope to get this iron claw shaman done too.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the different painting stages on these. I am really bad at painting miniatures from the mid 80s as I only learned to paint in the 90s so I'm interested in seeing the process.

  2. Lovely stuff, are the orcs Bob Olley sculpts too?

  3. Nope Kevs finest, well some of his anyway. As for progress shots, not sure it's worth it, I don't paint in an 80's way just my way and I'm pleased if I achieve above OK.

  4. Nice to see orc crossbowmen for a change. Not a common sight. It will be good to see them painted up.

    And to see the goblin painted of course ! :)

    I love the painting on the Boar riders on your blog banner too!