Tuesday 22 January 2013

Realms of Chaos: taking stock, close ups.

OK so I think I've teased you all long enough, after the replies here and on the Oldhammer forum I think I'll have to award the warrior to Orlygg for speed of response pretty much leaving nothing for anyone else to name. (I'll get the figure to you when we meet for a game or at salute. Failing that I'll post it if you mail me your address but I'd rather meet up.)

So on to some close ups. Sorry for the focus on these:

First a close up from the center of the table only because it clearly shows the warrior I have three of, a Champion called Sword 9 in the red catalog. Also to be seen are some hounds with my early paint job on and a few sorcerers and thugs.

Now to start more systematically going round the table:

A mix of citadel and marauder minotaurs, I just noticed have quite a few of the same marauder Minotaur, perhaps I should have given one of them away? Anyone got some minotaur swaps I'm all ears. Also some half finished Marauder trolls, actually for my O&G butu fit in here too.

More of them trolls, you can see a citadel fellow there to but I think he fits in well. Also a Lord of Change needing a tail and a strip. Some familiars, two harpies from Bob Olley I have another three somewhere. Finally you can just make out the chaos dwarf swivel gun, I got four of them in a bargain bag from GW Luton in 1994, currently I can't find the fourth gun. The rules are in the same white dwarf as the rules for the CD crossbows.

More on those swivel guns but also the previously mentioned crossbows. These guys give any Khorne army a decent ballistic capability. With good armour and high toughness they just may be able to take on the lord of pleasures dark elf cross bows. Speaking of which I've just realized I haven't even placed out any of the dark elves. Need another table for that though.  There is one whirlwind and one tenderiser, one mortar and one bazooka. Could do with more of these I think. A large unit of CD and the beginnings of a berserker unit.

And that is probably more than enough for now.


  1. A most impressive heap o' lead. I'm currently painting my way through my own heap of classic chaos minis at what I'm afraid can best be described as a glacial pace. I hope to have a 2,000 point army ready to fight before spring breaks, but it will certainly be years before I can get through the whole pile.
    Very cool that you were able to get hold of the chaos dwarf war machines...and the stack of minotaurs should look very intimidating as a regiment!

  2. Thanks, I just , like yourself, need to find the man-years to paint them up now!
    Great blog by the way, is that three gobblobers (I couldn't quite make out if they were all gobblobbers in various states of using the full bits or not). Also like your use of the right reaper minis to complement the old school lead.