Friday 28 January 2011

Old School fantasy art.

OK just discovered this web site by Johnathan Bingham. Awesome stuff, I recognise some of the work from OSRIC. Particularly love the dragon and adventurers.

Any way I just love B&W illustrations, try my hand at it myself a little so perhaps if I get the courage up I'll post some of my own stuff. I think I'm going to have to link to other great BW site on here as well as the other things I mentioned in my first post. Obviously a link to Russ Nicholson goes without saying and a favorite at the moment is Andy "ATOM" Taylor.  More will be added.

Perhaps at some point I need to muse on why B&W illustrations seam to rock so much, they do a different job to coloured pieces and you know what, I almost prefer them.

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  1. A bit late but thanks for the link to Johnathan L. Bingham! Like returning to my childhood!