Thursday, 13 October 2016

Orctober 2016.

So Orctober is upon us once more (yes other than this brief mention I'm ignoring the fact I haven't posted in months).

I've been convinced by good people that Orctober should be running again this year.  OK fair enough we all loves some orcs. To celebrate my first action was to do some art. Hence the little banner which I invite you all to use if you wish for your orctober posts. It's more of an Orktober banner this year for all the 40K fans. and I'll reproduce it in big  at bthe end of this post so you can all scale to fit as you like.

Big blood axe raids imperial compound is where I was headed with this one and I wanted it to look all 80's and black and white and everything.  One foot resting on womble helmet is a classic pose and old school orks have iron crosses. As I said feel free to use as you want or ignore. Sorry it's so late.

I do have other orcy things going on and should have a repaint of my first ever ebay unit, the old marauder MB2 orc regiment.  I had about two or three of them from back in 8hte very late 80's or early 90's. I picked up many more from ebay in the early 2000's for pennies. More on that later. And comments on what you all have done.  Oh as usual do nlink to anything you've been doing on forum or blog and I'll enter you into a prize draw at a later date. Prize to be determined but probably some old orcs.

Here is a big Orc picture.


  1. Wow Erny! What an awesome illustration! It's very 80's for sure. Cool!

    I'm very glad to see you back buddy :)

  2. Awesomeness, a lovely piece of artwork. Now if I can find the spare time to get my belated Birthday present for my Nephew finished I'll join in Orctober!

  3. Yeaah! He's back in the room!

    Great image there Erny, cracking stuff.

  4. Happy Orctober everyone! That is one great pic, Erny.

    I wish I had some new orcs to post about, but my recent project has been the very non-orcy Lichemaster. So it's really Lichtober for me.

  5. Welcome back to the land of the living, and what a great pic! I haven't taken part in Orctober before, but I'm determined to have a swing at it this year.

  6. Many thanks for the banner Erny! I'm painting some fantasy gobbos as for the bulk of my Orctober pledge, but if I finish them in good time then I'm treating myself with a bloodbowl/Rogue Trader cross over Cybork, so the banner will fit perfectly :)

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  8. Hey Erny, welcome back to blogland.
    I started my Orctober off without you this year:

  9. I'm in.

    Only a small contribution but at least it's something!

    There is also this battle report